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If the difference is not significant, then the test is working fine.

In America, there are such tests – SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test – a test of school ability) – and they are required for admission to all prestigious universities. Because it doesn’t always matter what you know. What you can learn is important.

And if you conduct such tests together with an external independent assessment, you can objectively assess the knowledge and abilities of each applicant.

Can you give an example?


What angle do the hands of the clock form if the time is 14:55.

A. 90 B. 100 C. 105.5 D. 117.5 D. 120

And what is the correct answer?

G. The circle has 360 degrees. At the time of 12 divisions. Hence, the degree between two adjacent divisions is 30 (360 divided by 12 = 30). If the clock is 14-55, then up to 120 degrees is not enough. This is a little – 30 degrees, divided by 12 marks = 2.5 degrees. 120 minus 2 buy best compare and contrast essay.5 = 117.5.

In this task you need to be able to divide and think logically. If a person copes with such tasks, then he can be taught complex mathematical rules.

Do you know the position of the new Minister of Education on the possibility of testing abilities?

No, I do not know any intentions of Dmitry Tabachnik about these tests. We worked with Ivan Vakarchuk, he had this information, and it was possible to predict his actions in this direction.

And now I need to go to Tabachnik and tell him what it is and why we developed it. What will be his reaction – I can not imagine.

And what was the plan approved by Vakarchuk?

We have prepared the first version of the tests and will try it at four leading universities – Kharkov, Donetsk, Lviv and Kiev. This stage ends in September this year. In the second stage, we will test these tests more widely – for 200 students and 200 first-year students. We want to test how different their competence is from students. If the difference is not significant, then the test is working fine. If significant – the test is not applicable, and it will have to be improved.

In 2012 – at the last stage – we reach the regional scale. Before that, we must offer all the technology of these tests.

Why in 2012?

This year, due to twelve years of schooling, there will be no entrants – graduates of schools. Those who graduated earlier will apply. And, in fact, this test is designed specifically for graduates of previous years.

And what’s wrong with going back to the old, well-known exams?

What is an exam? This is a subjective assessment. And no matter what anyone does, it will still be a subjective assessment. Assessment, which mainly expresses the teacher’s attitude to a particular child. This teacher will be evaluated by another teacher – there will be another evaluation.

I once did an experiment. I gave my student’s test to my colleagues. And the range of grades was from three to five on a five-point scale. Same job! That’s the difference for you.

The same goes for admission.

And it’s not about corruption at all, not even bribes. It’s completely different here.

What is the difference between testing? It is a tool that allows you to measure knowledge. In a regular exam, you pull out a ticket, and you know – you don’t know, and you answer something. You can please the teacher, and he will give a good grade. You can – no. Then there will be a bad assessment. And the conclusion must always be unambiguous: I either know or I do not know – the third is not given. All are on equal terms.

How much money is spent on developing aptitude testing?

We had no funding. Except for the invitation of experts from the United States. We held five seminars and, in fact, received funds only for moving, meals and accommodation for guests. None of us receive any salary or fees for developing these tests. These are enthusiastic people.

We do not need any financial support. All we need is for teachers working on test development to be let go to seminars by the rectors of their schools.


The ability testing system began to be established in the United States in 1924. Then the soldiers began to return from the war, and there was a problem with their training in higher education.

The College Board, the board of rectors of the largest universities in the United States, was established and in 1926 completed the development of the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test). He had to test not the entrant’s knowledge in a particular industry, but his potential, skills to learn quickly, acquire and assimilate knowledge and apply it effectively in practice.

SAT tests have undergone insignificant changes throughout their existence, and today are mandatory for admission to prestigious American universities – Harvard, Princeton, Yale.

The decision to develop such plans in Ukraine was made by the Minister of Education and Science Ivan Vakarchuk. On January 29, 2009, a working group headed by Lyashenko was set up by order of the Ministry of Education and Science. The main task is to study international experience and create similar tests in Ukraine. 04/12/2010

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Lesson plan-summary, the educational purpose of which is to give the concept of the composition of the number 3; practice in comparing numbers within 3; train in calligraphic writing of the number 3; to consolidate the material on the technology of modeling the simplest three-dimensional forms (balls and coils and their derivatives); introduce the concept of curve, straight line and triangle, using three modules of coils (straight lines), give them a definition

Development of the lesson “Composition of the number 3. The concept of lines (lines, curves). Triangle” in mathematics and modeling in the 1st grade

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Applicants have a hot time these days. And one of the most serious tests of their knowledge is an external independent assessment, which has become a real breakthrough in domestic education in recent years.

Igor Likarchuk: Our task is to ensure equal access to education

How is it going this year? What can I advise applicants? About this and much more – a conversation with the director of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment, Igor Likarchuk.

About medalists, video cameras and metal detectors

Igor Leonidovich, how does the independent assessment of the quality of education this year differ from the previous ones? What innovations have appeared?

You see, innovations are not very visible from the outside. That is, the list of items has not changed, the number of items that can be submitted by the applicant. Regulatory issues are changing more: how to conduct testing, the content of the tests themselves. That is, something that is not very conspicuous.

And what exactly has changed in the regulations?

I will not talk about everything, because there are still many people who try to find their “antidote” to our every step. I will say this: we have taken a number of measures aimed at tightening control over testing. Reduced the number of test items. And thanks to this, the number of people involved in the external testing process has been reduced. Made the stricter monitoring procedure. In some points there are video cameras, metal detectors.

Metal detectors?

Yes, this applies to mobile phones and all kinds of equipment with which someone hopes to outwit us. In fact, he can only outwit himself. Because according to the rules, the use of any equipment in order to obtain a hint is fraught with the cancellation of work. Moreover, it is very difficult to get the necessary information with all these wires and headphones, but it is easy to disorganize the process.

Personally, it vividly reminded me of a scene from “Operation Y” and other adventures of Shurik “when students on the exam also tried to use similar equipment. Did this happen in tests?

You can go to the subway and see on the wall of the car ads: “We rent a device for a day to help pass tests and exams.” And the image of a microphone in the form of a small buttonhole that clings to the collar, and a receiver hidden deep in the ear.

Just some spy equipment …

Yes, for 200 hryvnias a day it is offered. But in order to use this equipment, you need to sit and read 70 assignments. And then get answers to them. And at the other end we still need to find answers to these 70 questions. So I don’t think it will help anyone. At the same time, we put in each test a certain share of questions in which guessing is possible. This is a world practice. There are simply technological techniques that greatly reduce this degree of guessing. And we use them widely. This is not visible to anyone working on the test. Only we know that.

And what other innovations?

We have changed the specification of some tests. For example, the open part of the math test was removed. That is, the one that is checked not by the computer, but by the teacher.


Because we are faced with the fact that some problems in mathematics have different solutions and different teachers believe that their option is correct. It turns out that no one needs a conflict of interest. Also changed some forms of assignments in other subjects. Reduced the number of tasks that require choosing one answer from several, replacing them with other forms, more creative, allowing you to see the logical thinking of the applicant, his ability to analyze. Another major innovation this year will be that the results of external independent testing are not included in the school certificate.