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According to Spanish information: EU will submit list of safe countries by Tuesday

Despite criticism: China is testing vaccine on soldiers

China’s military has been given the green light to use a Covid-19 vaccine candidate. This is announced by the company Cansino Biologics, which is responsible for the development together with the army’s research unit. Clinical studies have shown that the vaccine candidate Ad5-nCoV is safe and to some extent efficient. Ad5-nCoV is one of eight vaccine candidates developed by Chinese companies and approved for human testing.

However, there is also criticism of the approval. In an article in the trade journal "New England Journal of Medicine" Scientists criticize that the data collected so far are not revealing enough. Subjects between 18 and 60 years of age had received vaccine doses ranging from low to high. In 50 to 75 percent of the test participants, the antibody concentration increased four-fold. Another specialist article also states whether that is enough. 

There were also side effects. Half of the test subjects complained of pain at the injection site, almost 50 percent also had a slight fever, almost as many reported tiredness, 39 percent headache. One patient complained of a severe fever of 38.5 degrees, severe fatigue, muscle discomfort and breathing problems for 48 hours after the vaccination. 

However, the military will initially use the drug for one year. Outside of this area, use has not yet been permitted, there is no approval for commercial use. 

Record number of new infections – almost 190,000 cases in one day

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of new corona infections reported daily has climbed to a new record. The WHO announced on Sunday evening that 189,000 new cases were registered worldwide within 24 hours. In some countries, too, the increase is at a record high. Among the countries with a particularly high number of new infections, Brazil and the USA once again stand out. In Brazil, 46,860 new cases were recorded, according to the WHO. In the USA there were 44,458. The world’s third highest increase in the most recent table had India with 19,906 cases.

The WHO has insisted on several occasions that the pandemic has not lost any of its dynamism. According to its count, the organization expects the ten million mark to be exceeded shortly. The table from Sunday evening shows 9.84 million corona cases worldwide. 

Gütersloh: Corona cases unrelated to Tönnies are increasing

In the Gütersloh district, 107 people who are not related to the outbreak in the meat giant Tönnies tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. On Saturday there was talk of 75 sick people. The circle informed about this in a message on Sunday evening. The increasing number is attributed to the expanded test options. Most infected people show no symptoms. The next steps should be decided on Tuesday. The first local lockdown is currently in effect in the district. 

According to Spanish information: EU will present list of safe countries by Tuesday

According to Spanish information, the EU will present a list of Covid-19-safe countries by Tuesday at the latest. Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya told the radio broadcaster Cadena SER that the list would include 15 countries to which one could travel safely according to epidemiological criteria. The coronavirus pandemic is subsiding in most of Europe.

Party weekend escalates – police have to intervene and are under attack

In many cases, parties and gatherings escalated in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Bonn at the weekend. Celebrating parties clashed with the police and security services in the major cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. State power also had to intervene in Munich.

The police in North Rhine-Westphalia said there were fights between groups as well as violence and aggression against the officials.the introduction to an argumentative essay begins with Most of the people involved were heavily drunk, disregarded the corona distance rules, insulted the police and showed themselves to be disrespectful.

In Munich, many people celebrated together regardless of the corona pandemic, the police in Bavaria said. In the night from Friday to Saturday, up to 10,000 people were on the Isar at peak times, from Saturday to Sunday there were around 5,000. According to the police, everything remained peaceful.

Things looked a little different on Leopoldstrasse, which became famous as a party mile especially after football successes. The police were there early Sunday morning "a greater number of aggressive people" reported. The officers advanced "with great effort" and met around 200 to 300 people there. In the case of aggressively acting people, the police established the personal details and issued several reprimands. Two people were reported for insulting the emergency services.

Number of deaths worldwide exceeds 500,000

Another sad milestone has been reached in the corona pandemic. More than 500,000 people who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 have now died worldwide. A total of around ten million cases were registered. Here you can read more about it.

US authorities report 44,703 additional infections

The number of infections in the U.S. has increased by 44,703 to 2.504 million, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In addition, 508 more deaths, making a total of 125,484, were recorded.

Group of 18 Nobel Prize winners and 32 former heads of state starts call for free corona vaccine

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus and more than a hundred other well-known personalities from science, politics and art are committed to the free distribution of vaccines against the coronavirus worldwide and for all people. In a call launched on Sunday, they are promoting vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 as "global public good" (Global Common Good) and will therefore be available to everyone. At the same time, they appeal to the collective responsibility for all vulnerable people without any discrimination.

The appeal states, among other things, that the efficiency of future vaccination campaigns will depend on the global availability of the vaccine. But the pandemic shows the strengths and weaknesses of each individual country as well as the difficulties of having access to the health system. The signatories call on governments, UN chief António Guterres, the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as foundations, research laboratories and other institutions to share this view. Everyone is invited to join the call on

In addition to Yunus, who comes from Bangladesh, according to the press release of the Yunus Center, more than a hundred well-known personalities are supporting the call, including 18 Nobel Prize winners and 32 former heads of state and government. Supporters include South Africa’s ex-Archbishop Desmond Tutu, activist Malala, IOC President Thomas Bach, former Soviet state and party leader Michael Gorbatschow and tenor Andrea Bocelli.

A vaccine against the coronavirus, which can cause the lung disease Covid-19, does not yet exist.

Lauterbach calls for a new corona test strategy

While Bavaria is starting a test offensive, SPD health expert Lauterbach is thinking about the right test strategy. He calls for cheaper tests and their more precise use. Here you can read more about it.

Coma patient gives birth to child

In Colombia, a coma patient infected with the coronavirus gave birth to a boy. Doctors at Versalles Hospital in Cali City performed a cesarean section on 36-year-old Diana Angola to give birth to little Jefferson, internist Paula Velásquez told AFP. Angola is now well again – and hopes to be able to leave the hospital with her son soon.

Jefferson was born 14 weeks before the expected due date and had to be resuscitated shortly after the birth, said Edwin Olivo, a pediatrician involved in the complicated birth. Although the boy is still in the incubator, he is developing well. The newborn is gaining weight and breathing easier. A coronavirus test was negative.

Virologist Streeck calls "Infectious Disease Response Force"

The Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck calls for rapid intervention options for infectious diseases such as Covid-19 at national and international level. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) needs to be strengthened, said Streeck in an interview with the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung". In his opinion it should "a WHO Emergency Response Team" give. "A unit that can contain infections worldwide."

Prof. Hendrik Streeck: The Bonn virologist is calling for its own team to fight the coronavirus. (Source: teutopress / imago images)

He also wishes for Germany "an infectious disease reaction force". This should be an association that acts nationally, "not only at the country level". He thinks it makes sense to have such an association "dock at the Robert Koch Institute". This should have its own intervention staff and also be able to fall back on the technical relief organization.

More than 2.5 million corona cases reported in the US 

The number of people known to be infected with the coronavirus in the United States passed the 2.5 million mark on Saturday. That comes from data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. More than 125,000 people in the USA have already died as a result of Covid 19 disease. The number of infections worldwide is approaching the 10 million mark. The death toll associated with Covid-19 lung disease worldwide is approaching half a million.

Bavaria wants corona tests "solid" expand

In Bavaria, everyone should be able to be tested for the corona virus in the future – regardless of whether they have symptoms. The tests are supposed to "solid" be expanded, as Health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) said on Sunday in Munich. She announced one "Corona test offensive" at.

"One of the cornerstones of our Bavarian test concept is that all people who want to be tested for an infection for SARS-CoV-2 should be certain of whether they have become infected", emphasized Huml. "All citizens of Bavaria are therefore promptly offered to have themselves tested by a registered contract doctor without symptoms."

However, priority should be given to people with symptoms who are suspected of having Covid 19 disease. One focus of the tests will be on slaughterhouses and meat processing plants. Aim "to prevent larger outbreaks like in Gütersloh"said the Minister of Health.

300 guests of a club in Switzerland have to be in corona quarantine

In Switzerland, 300 people have to go to a ten-day quarantine after visiting a club. Several guests of the company in Zurich had previously tested positive for the corona virus, as the health department of the canton of Zurich announced on Saturday evening. The club operator was able to give the authorities a list with the contact details of the club’s visitors from the evening of June 21st.

Thanks to this list, the contact tracing team was able to inform the guests on Saturday about the necessary quarantine, it said. Most recently, the number of new infections with the corona virus in Switzerland has increased again. 69 new cases became known within one day, about three times more than at the beginning of the week.

"Corona rebels" ensure the closure of Kretschmann’s Facebook page

After a massive attack by "Corona rebels and conspiracy ideologues" On the Facebook page of the Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens), the State Ministry has temporarily taken the page offline. After the publication of Kretschmann’s latest podcast on Friday evening, the site was attacked continuously, his ministry said on Saturday. Normal operation of the site was no longer possible.

Accordingly, every second "numerous false statements, conspiracy narratives, threats, insults and other criminally relevant content" posted. The State Ministry said that none of the troublemakers was interested in a factual discussion. Rather, they would also have massively attacked other users.

According to the declaration, well over 4,000 comments were received from the interferers in 20 hours. Questions from citizens about the state government’s corona measures were completely lost. That’s why the press office closed on Saturday "with a heavy heart" decided to temporarily take the Facebook page offline. However, the state government can be reached and addressed via all other channels, added the ministry.

The meat industry in North Rhine-Westphalia has to test employees twice a week

The meat industry in North Rhine-Westphalia must have employees tested for the corona virus at least twice a week at their own expense. The new requirement will apply from July 1 for slaughterhouses, cutting plants and primarily meat processing companies with more than 100 employees, regardless of whether they are own employees or contractors, said the NRW Ministry of Labor and Health in Düsseldorf.

In the corresponding new general decree it says literally: "Only people may be employed in production who are tested for an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus using PCR methods at least twice a week at the expense of the owner and who have a negative test result." The testing can take place in the pool process. The evaluation must be carried out by a recognized laboratory. The test certificates are to be kept in the company.

The order also contains extensive documentation requirements: The companies would be obliged to collect the names and residential or residence addresses of all people present on the company premises and to keep them for four weeks, it said. "The incidents in Coesfeld and Gütersloh show: Apparently, the virus can spread particularly well under the conditions of a slaughterhouse or a meat processing company"State Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) said in the message. The early detection of infections is a central key in combating the virus. The contact details are also important. "It cannot be the case that the local authorities have to chase after this data for days in the event of an outbreak"he emphasized.