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The Galaxy Watch will take its own sweet time to get all the songs in its memory. Select a playlist of your choice and toggle the switch for Download. As you have guessed correctly, this will download all the playlist’s song to your phone.

If you have enabled Google photos auto backup, you can easily recover all of your photos by opening the ‘Photos’ app on your phone, or by going to your Google account from a computer. If you didn’t enable this feature, you can use the EaseUS program, and still recover most of your photos. I already have my phone set to automatically back up to Gmail and my pictures etc save to an SD card. Is there anything else I would need to do to make sure all my data is saved? I am swapping out my phone today because it is broken. You need to make sure first that you have Samsung Music apk actually set your calendar to save the data onto your device and that you include the folder containing that when backing up.

How To Transfer Music From Itunes To Android

Many use a scrolling ribbon of app icons along the bottom of the screen, while others offer a full screen menu that lets you see several options at once. Navigating these menus will also vary by brand as each TV manufacturer uses its own unique remote control design. Regardless of which TV brand you choose, today’s smart TVs will offer a variety of streaming services and content choices, including services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus or HBO Max.

  • Get beyond the devices and Music Hub beats Spotify on the scan and match cloud locker service as well as a bigger catalogue.
  • M4VGear is highly rated as the most trusted and user-friendly solution provider to users among its competitors.
  • However, whether or not you need to stick with a paid subscription in order to keep getting the shows you want to watch is another question.
  • It’s designed as a catch-all rather than a pure music player, and to be honest it’s not much of an alternative to iTunes.
  • Simply hit the record button during a conversation or meeting and Otter will produce a usable transcript a few minutes later.

Click the Discover tab on the top and navigate to the Download feature. Connect your Samsung phone or tablet to your computer via the USB cable. For those still having issues with this I have a solution. I just went from Android 9 on a Pixel to Android 10 on Pixel 3 XL and was having this same issue and it’s now completely resolved. If you were previously using .wpl files you have to convert them to .m3u. Then you have to normalize the .m3u track filenames for Android consumption.

Selectively Transfer Music

When an application is reinstalled, all of your progress and game data will automatically be restored. By default, it provides camera, painting, voice recorder, and video apps. To download various games and learning apps for kids, go to the Parental Control at the bottom right side of your screen, and Menu at the upper left, and then ‘Kids Store’.